Is Samuel Green Next...

P.EWhat are the pros and cons to being in a group vs being a solo artist? Also, how has the transition been from gospel music to R&B?

Sam: I do like the group setting. I’m a leader and I like encouraging, helping other people out. Plus you learn from each other vocally and different ways to create music. As a solo act, I get to say yes and no to everything. I don’t have to wait on anybody else. Honestly, patience has not been my friend. That was one of my struggles being in a group.

P.E.: Who are some of your biggest music influences?

Sam: Nat King Cole is one. That’s what my grandmother listened to. Etta James, Ella Fitgerald, Frank Sinatra, Sam Cook, Dean Martin, John Legend, Usher and Tank. I love Jazmine Sullivan too. I like Kim Burrell’s jazz placement too. I used to play trombone in the band. I started in elementary with the violent. I did a jazz camp every summer in Missouri too. You know, I listened to a lot of Fred Hammond too. He made gospel really cool.

P.E.: Tell us about your new single, “Time Out”. The song is dope by the way. 

Sam: Thank you. The name of the project is called Seasonal. Everything has its season. My first single, “She Don’t Know” is based on a true story about my ex. A girl I thought I was going to marry. She didn’t have patience, cheated on me, left me. Now, she hits me up even though she’s married now. I tried to tell her, “Stick with me. Have faith. Have patience”.

“Time Out” is about a girl I dated off and on. But she got in this relationship and would always tell me, “I miss you. I miss the things you used to do…” The song says, “You hit me up when you want some of that Sam time out”. My producer Isaac “Chill” Yowman wrote the majority of the song and I co-wrote on it.

The main single coming out next month is called “Seasonal”. It says, “You can be here today and gone tomorrow. Don’t get too comfortable”. He wrote majority of “Time Out” too. I wrote all of “She Don’t Know”.  

P.E. What is the most memorable fan experience you’ve ever had?

Sam: I used to work at J. Crew. I was ringing up a lady and this girl ran up to the counter and said, “Are you Sam Green?!”  I said yes and I had to apologize to the lady I was ringing up. The fan said, “Oh my gosh! Can I take a picture with you and put it on my Instagram?” That was the first time something happened like that. I was blown away. It actually happened last year.

P.E.: What can fans expect on Seasonal?

Sam: You’ll get a little bit of everything. I want to show people I can be R&B, Pop, a gentleman, street. Some people say, “He’s light skinned. He’s gonna be smooth and quiet. No, I can be street too”. Especially growing up as a church boy. I love God. Don’t get me wrong. But we’re still human. Just because we serve God doesn’t mean we go without struggles.

P.E.: What would you tell someone that’s trying to break into the music industry.

Sam: Don’t give up. Make sure you have a strong foundation. Know what you want. Know how you want it. Know who is there for you and who’s not there for you. I know somebody who was there just for the ride. I’ve already dealt with that. Learn as much as you can on your own. Don’t expect things to get handed to you.

P.E.: If you could describe your life in one song, what would it be and why?

Sam: I have a playlist that I play every day. Let me see. Honestly, I don’t think there’s one set song. I can really relate to Drake though. His lyrical content, everything. He’s not afraid of being in his feelings and that’s how I am.

A song I relate to though is “No Longer Friends” by Bryson Tiller. It’s more relatable to me.

P.E. Tell everyone where people can listen to your music and find you.

Sam: I’m still working on my website now. I’m a perfectionist, so there is still some work being done on it. But you can find me on all social media at: @thesamuelgreen. I’m on all music outlets, iTunes, Spotify, iHeartRadio, Soundcloud, etc.

If people want to email me too, Contact me at

I’ll have some shows coming up soon too that I’ll announce. I will be doing an HBCU tour soon though. I have some shows in Atlanta, New York, Kansas City and LA coming up too. I have a really big following in South Africa and London too. Thank God. Shout out to them.